LED Stock Ticker


Business schools, financial planners, and brokerage firms struggle to demonstrate their financial credibility. At Rise Display we provide LED Stock Tickers to help them create a Wall Street atmosphere.

A quality LED Stock Ticker will help attract attention and keep customers informed and entertained as they wait.


A LED Stock Ticker is best when designed to fit your space, not an afterthought. We can help you select the right location, then customize the perfect fit for the hardware, software, and data feed. 

Check out our Install Gallery for examples of how other banks, brokerage firms, and business schools have deployed LED Stock Tickers. 


Straight Ticker

A LED Stock Ticker can be built to any length. All you need to do is measure your wall and we can custom build the ticker to fit your exact requirements.


Curved LED Ticker

The length of your wall doesn't need to dictate the size of your stock ticker. We can wrap corners or flex to conform to a concave or convex surface.

Unicom Capital.JPG.jpg

Vertical Ticker Display

Displays can be installed vertically to dress up structural columns or helping to tie multiple floors together.


If you would like to learn more about our LED ticker hardware, software, or content check out our learning center to view videos and specifications.